These Building Coatings Protect Without Disrupting

Todd Gomberg is a second-generation principal at Capital Contractor Services and a regional NeverFade® certified applicator. He’s evolving the company his father built more than four decades ago into an even more customer-centric and technologically advanced innovator in the commercial painting and waterproofing sector. His team of experts—which includes a highly experienced coatings specialist as well as trained project managers and applicators—helps Capital maintain its status as a market leader. Here, Gomberg offers some thoughts on how to avoid disruption during the coating restoration process using NeverFade with Kynar Aquatec® coatings.

Our core operational approach is to always go above and beyond a client’s expectations so there’s minimal disruption during a repaint project. Still, when it comes to coating restoration, some degree of disruption is inevitable. Then again, it’s very minimal in the case of APV’s NeverFade with Kynar Aquatec coatings, a product I highly recommend to our clients for performance that will last in our harsh south Florida environment.

The superior product is offered with an almost unheard of 15-year warranty, covering fading and chalking while also repelling dirt and soot to keep surfaces cleaner for longer periods. This means far less frequent re-coatings and pressure washings and minimal disruption. Additionally, it can be applied by brush or roller (as opposed to the traditional practice of spray application) to minimize downtime and potential damage from overspray.

While proper preparation and application will always prolong a coating’s life, many coatings aren’t designed for long-term performance, regardless of how well they’re applied. We’ve used a couple of two-component products that approach NeverFade’s durability, but they have major drawbacks. First, they’re more time-consuming to prepare. Then we have to factor in more material loss to the project estimate because some of the pro-duct becomes unusable after it catalyzes.

Environmental impact is equally important to product performance and ease of application. Like any conscious applicator or building owner, we’re very concerned with keeping people and our planet safe. That’s why NeverFade makes sense for us and our clients. A low-VOC, water-based product, it’s also very low-odor, having minimal impact on occupants. Less painting, less fumes, and less disruption.

Considering all this, we’re focused on educating our clients with information and samples to help them realize the advantages of making a long-term and proactive investment that maximizes ROI and peace of mind. Being aligned with a top-tier manufacturer like APV that shares our commitment to quality has been a huge differentiator.